About us

About Secret Lab

Secret Lab builds video games and mobile apps, and teaches game and app development through books and online training.

Award-winning game and app development.

We are experts in iOS and macOS development, using the Swift programming language from Apple, as well as game development for a wide range of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and consoles, using Unity Technologies' Unity®Pro software. We know the tools back-to-front. Games and apps we've worked on and built have won awards ranging from a BAFTA, to an iAward, to a AIMIA award, to a TASICT award.

We literally wrote the books.

We've written more than 20 books on developing for iOS, macOS, the Swift programming language, and Unity® software. We've been developing for iOS since the first day it existed, and had an app on the iTunes App Store on Day 1, and we've been using Unity® to build games for more than 10 years.


About Us

Secret Lab is an mobile consulting and product development company based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. We focus on native iOS and Android apps and games for phones and tablets, as well as Unity games for a wide range of platforms.

Secret Lab designs and builds original game concepts while simultaneously creating games under contract for other developers and publishers. Our work has been nominated for and won numerous local, national, and international awards, including BAFTA awards, IGF awards, iAwards, and TasICT awards.

We're currently building the mobile version of multi-award winning narrative adventure game, Night in the Woods.

Our clients and partners have included:

  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
  • Qantas
  • National Science Week
  • Port Arthur Historic Site
  • Finji
  • Fastmail

We also offer world-class developer training throughout Australia and New Zealand for both iOS and Unity. Secret Lab co-founders, Jon Manning and Paris Buttfield-Addison have authored more than 20 books on app and game development, published worldwide through O'Reilly Media and Wiley. 

Take a look at what we've built, check out what we're working on, grab one of our books, attend one of our training sessions, or just write in to say hello.


  • game development for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, tvOS, and Linux
  • native iOS app development
  • game development with Unity
  • mobile app development with Xamarin/C#
  • UX, Usability, and Design Consulting and Implementation
  • game design
  • porting games between platforms
  • iOS development training
  • game development training