OSCON 2013

OSCON 2013We're very pleased to be presenting at O'Reilly's OSCON conference in Portland once again this year. We're involved in two tutorials this time around! For the first time at OSCON, Jon Manning and Paris Buttfield-Addison will be presenting a half-day tutorial on game design where they'll discuss what makes games fun, how they work, and how you can apply game design techniques to your daily non-game related work. This tutorial is hands-on, very practical, lots of fun, and is called How Do I Game Design?

For the third year in a row Chris Neugebauer, along with Jon and Paris, will be presenting a half-day tutorial on mobile application development with a focus on user-experience. As with the last two years, we'll be using Android as the platform we discuss the most – but everything will be applicable to all mobile platforms. The tutorial is called Level Up Your Apps: Mobile UX Design and Development.

We hope to see you at OSCON!