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YOW! Connected 2015

We've been at YOW! Connected in Melbourne this week. It's been pretty awesome, and we've met lots of cool people doing awesome things with mobile and IoT. We gave two presentations!

The first was the latest update to our How Do I Game Design? session, covering just enough game design theory to make you dangerous. You can watch a video of this session from OSCON 2015:

The second was called Watch This Face, and covered the philosophical design differences between Android Wear and Apple's watchOS. You can grab the slides from Speaker Deck:

And, because apparently we can't get by without giving a plug for our books, don't forget to check out our new books; you can get them for 50% off with code WKIOS9.

Bus Pal for Tasmanian Buses

We've released a new version of our very popular Bus Pal application for Metro Tasmania timetables. The app has all the timetables and route information for all the buses in Hobart, Launceston, and Burnie. 

This update updates the data to the latest from Metro Tasmania, adds lines to the map showing the bus routes, and includes a Watch App for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch App shows the time to the next bus and the route number at the bus stops you've favourited within Bus Pal. In the future we'll be adding a glance for even quicker access (we're trying to figure out the best UI for that at the moment).

You can download Bus Pal on the App Store.

Bus Pal is not endorsed by Metro Tasmania, and neither Secret Lab or Metro Tasmania warrant the completeness or accurateness of the data included.