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iOS development conferences!

YOW! Connected

We just got back from speaking at the YOW! Connected mobile and Internet of Things conference in Melbourne – it was lots of fun (and a nice successor to Swipe Conference, which we spoke at both years that it ran).

We presented two, completely different, sessions:

  • How to build games for children – on the design and production of mobile games for younger children
  • Building iOS apps for IoT devices: a case study of the Holiday by MooresCloud

The slides from the IoT talk are available on SpeakerDeck now, and the games for children talk will be available soon.

We'll definitely be at YOW! Connected near year – it was awesome!


Up next for us is /dev/world/2014 – Australia's oldest iOS and Mac developer conference. We're helping to organise /dev/world this year, and it's shaping up to be bigger and better than ever! It's happening later this month: September 29 and 30, in Melbourne.

We've announced three great feature presentations:

We've also announced many fantastic speakers, including people from Google, CanvaAccessibilityOzAppbotReckoner, Fairfax, and Shiny Things, amongst many others!

There will be workshops on the use of Xcode for development, as well as one on Swift, Apple's new language (we're running that one!)

As we said in our previous blog post, Secret Lab wouldn't exist without /dev/world – we've been attending since 2008, and it's part of what helped us build a company and learnt to design and create great software. 

If you're in the developer community, and you're interested in iOS, Mac, Swift, or game or app development in general, you don't want to miss this conference.


We're very excited that one of our favourite conferences, /dev/world, is running for the 7th time this year. Three feature presentations – Marc Edwards of Bjango, Tom Greenaway of Kumobius, and the inimitable Paul Fenwick – have already been announced, and tickets are currently available.

Check it out at – it runs in Melbourne, Australia on September 29 and 30 this year.

/dev/world is run by the AUC – a wonderful organisation that gave us an enormous boost when we were getting started. Secret Lab would not exist without them. /dev/world/2014 is open to everyone, and if you're in the iOS or Mac developer community we can't recommend it more highly.

We'll be speaking, as well!