GDC 2018 wrap-up

GDC 2018 wrap-up

So, I’m back from GDC 2018.

We’ve been going to GDC for 9 years now. If we go next year, I’ll have been wandering in and out of the Moscone Centre for a decade.

We started going to GDC because we were living in California, and happened to have the spare resources and time to attend it. We were always attending from the viewpoint that it would be useful to have an idea of what the game dev community is like, and to try to do the thing that business types call “networking” and regular humans call “making friends”. We didn’t realise they were the same thing until our fifth year of going.... (continued)

O'Reilly Interview

While at OSCON this year, Jon and I were lucky enough to be interviewed by our editor, Rachel, for O'Reilly Radar. Find the interview embedded below, or check it out on O'Reilly. Our upcoming book, Learning Cocoa with Objective-C Third Edition, can be preordered now if you're interested! It's going to be amazing.