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OSCON 2014

We just finished another fantastic week at OSCON 2014 – this was our fourth year attending and speaking at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention, and we (as usual) had an absolutely amazing time. It's rapidly becoming one of our favourite conferences.

We presented twice at OSCON this year: a session version of our How Do I Game Design? workshop, and our three-hour Android-focused mobile design tutorial (along with Chris Neugebauer, as usual).

The slides for How Do I Game Design? are available now on Speaker Deck. Interesting and related links for attendees are:

The games we mentioned in the talk are:

The slides for our mobile design tutorial Unfortunately Design Tutorial Has Stopped ... and other ways to infuriate people with mobile apps are available now on Speaker Deck. Interesting and related links for attendees are:

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

Mobile UX Design and Development
OSCON 2013

We also ran our Android UX and development tutorial ("Level Up Your Apps: Mobile UX Design and Development") for the third year at OSCON! We had a great time presenting alongside our friend Chris Neugebauer (who devised much of the content).

Finished OSCON 2013 app from Secret Lab tutorial

Some links/information for those of you who are interested:

  • Final APK (suitable for installing) of the OSCON 2013 app we built
  • GitHub repository for the code from the tutorial
  • The tags, corresponding in order to the start and finished states for the application: talk_listing_start, talk_listing_end, schedule_start, schedule_end, day_list_start, day_list_end, navigation_start, navigation_end, data_end, tabs_end, theme_start, theme_end, navigation_refresh, talk_listing_update, themeing_finished
  • You can switch between these tags by using git reset --hard followed by git checkout and the name of the tag you want. Note that you will lose changes.

Slides are available on Speaker Deck:

Slides for OSCON 2013 Tutorial
Slides for OSCON 2013 Tutorial

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!