video games


We can build video games!

1 month+

So, we’re not really like a hairdresser where we can give you a set listing of things that we can offer you. What we can say is that if you need a video game then we can probably build it for you.

It’s unlikely that you can build a good video game™ for anything less than about $10,000* Australian Dollars (or equivalent), but if you want to reach out to ask us then we can guide you in the right direction. We can do video games for all major platforms, including PC, consoles, mobile, and beyond.

Basically, we can build you a video game. Get in touch if you need one?

*and that’s still a pretty simple video game




We can also build apps!

1 month+

Is a video game also an app? We’re not entirely sure, sorry.

But we can build apps, and we do build apps from time to time. If you need an app and you like our style, please get in touch. We can build apps for iOS and Android.

Apps are usually cheaper than video games, so if you’re absolutely itching to make something and haven’t got enough money for a video game we can maybe try and make you an app? I dunno. Let’s chat.


Ready to go? Need something else?* →

*we write books and can turn up at your place of work (invited, usually) and deliver training on game development, or anything really, just let us know (game development and/or app development is probably more useful to you, but if you really want we can teach you how to cook something)