We've built games for everyone from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's enduringly successful kids TV show, Play School, to the pioneering airline Qantas, to the Australia's groundbreaking federal scientific research organisation CSIRO, to the National Museum of Australia.

Qantas Joey Playbox

We worked with iconic Australia airline, Qantas to build the Joey Playbox, a free game designed for children 4 to 8 years old to play creatively and freely.

We worked closely with Qantas to adhere to their brand guidelines and image, while building a fun, engaging game for children that encourages creativity and creation.


The Museum Game

We work with the National Museum of Australia to design, build, and maintain The Museum Game.

The Museum Game is designed for school groups in years 5 to 12, and promotes creative thinking about historical sources, and the connections between objects.

ABC Play School games

We built the popular, award-winning Play School Art Maker and Play Time games for the ABC.

Based on the hit, historical TV show for children, these two games encouraged free, creative play, and become some of the most popular iPad games for children in Australia. This is some more text about Play School.


Feed a Frog

This is a blurb about Feed a Frog. 

We've also collaborated with some of the hottest indie game development teams around, including our work on the Independent Games Festival award-winning, BAFTA-nominated adventure game, Night in the Woods.


And we're working to build a number of original games of our own.