Secret Lab builds video games and mobile apps, and teaches game and app development through books and online training.


We've built games for everyone from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's enduringly successful kids TV show, Play School, to the pioneering airline Qantas, to the Australia's groundbreaking federal scientific research organisation CSIRO, to the National Museum of Australia.

We've also collaborated with some of the hottest indie game development teams around, including our work on the Independent Games Festival award-winning, BAFTA-nominated adventure game, Night in the Woods.

And we're working to build a number of original games of our own.


We've built the official Australian National Science Week app for five years, the groundbreaking iPad app, Foodi, for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's TV chefs, the official companion app for the hit video-gaming TV show, Good Game, and the guide for the Port Arthur Historic Site, in Tasmania, Australia, and everything in between.

We built more conference apps than we can remember, and we're proud of every single one. 


Partnering with O'Reilly Media, we've written more than twenty books in their best-selling animal series, covering everything from mobile game development to Swift programming to rocket science.

Our most recent books include the 3rd edition of Learning Swift, covering Swift 4 and above, Mobile Game Development with Unity, and The Kerbal Player's Guide.

In the past, we wrote two books in the wildly successful and iconic For Dummies series, covering game development for iOS.

We've written more than twenty books for best-selling and respected technical publishers For Dummies and O'Reilly Media. Recently, we've released books on building games with Unity, learning to program for iOS and macOS using Swift, iOS game development using Swift, and rocket science with Kerbal Space Program.